Privacy Policy


Privacy Commitment

As of January 1, 2004, new federal or provincial privacy laws apply to most organizations in Canada. However, apart from certain administrative requirements, these new laws will not change how we deal with your personal information. Where your personal information was collected prior to January 1, 2004, Arbor Memorial Services Inc. (the “Company”) and its affiliates (“Affiliates”) will exchange, hold, use and disclose such information only for the purposes for which you could reasonably expect such information to be exchanged, held, used or disclosed or as required or permitted by law.

The Company and Affiliates are committed to ensuring that your personal information (generally any information about you as an identifiable individual) is collected, held, used, disclosed and protected, and that your privacy rights are respected, all in accordance with professional ethics and applicable law. The Company and Affiliates follow the same privacy policies and practices.

The Company’s Policies and Practices

The following explains how the Company will generally comply with its Privacy Commitment. Reference to “you” or “your” includes your personal representative. As with any legal or ethical requirements, there are exceptions.

1. Accountability

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Telephone Number: 1-800-465-1270
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2. Identifying Purposes

3. Consent

4. Limiting Collection

5. Limiting Holding, Use and Disclosure

6. Accuracy

7. Safeguards

8. Openness

9. Individual Access

10. Challenging Compliance

This information document is subject to amendment, and, as amended, will be effective as of the date of posting on our website at