About the Foundation

The Arbor Memorial Foundation is a charitable vehicle for Arbor Memorial Inc.
to donate monies to registered charities. It targets contributions to groups
and organizations that serve the communities in which Arbor cemeteries
and funeral homes are located.

Areas of Primary Interest and Support

• Seniors’ Services
• Community Groups
• Disaster Relief

When determining how Foundation funds will be distributed the focus will centre
on senior services, local community facilities and groups, as well as disaster relief. While we will consider national organizations, i.e. Heart and Stroke, Make a Wish etc., our primary criteria will be the local community our facilities serve.

We ask our employees to suggest relevant causes in their respective communities. Those groups that are looking for our support must be a registered charity.

To request funding, click here to complete and submit the online form.

After requests have been submitted a volunteer committee, made up
of Arbor Employees, will research and review the requests. They will then meet
to determine how the funds will be appropriately distributed.